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About me

Let me introduce myself

A bit about me

I'm a technical computer and network engineer, Hospitality Academi who likes a hot cup of coffee as an encouragement to start activities. I'm a hard worker,work happily and do the best.


Prasetio Budi Guno

Personal info

Prasetio Budi Guno

Prasetio Budi Guno is a technical computer and networking engineering, Passed from Hospitality Academy who likes about talent and passionate individuals, Seo Specialist.

Gender: Male
Working Hours: Fulltime Arenapedia1, Aida Cruise (F and B Untility)2, Dir.2 Padm Cruise(Blok Sawahbera N0.68 Desa Sekarmulya),Head Waiters(Sarah MaeyangGaji1), Padm Cruise Suite Bandara Internasional Kertajati,Padm Suite Cruise Bandara Internasional Surabaya,Padm Suite Cruise Ibu Kota Tio Wening) Dir President1 Ibukota Tio Wening,Ibu Kota Tio Wening Esti Melia, Dir.2 Holiday Cruise, Dir.1 Kempiun Cruise, Dir1. Kos-kosan Padm(Blok Sawahbera Desa sekarmulya),Dir.1 PT.Medina Boga Persada, Executive Chairman tiowening.com, angelia.pras.id(gaji1 and gaji2 for Henceut Dewi Puspita Sari),weningkapan.com ( PT.weningapan.com)Gaji1 and gaji2 for Henceut Pertama MH.Bu Wening Anggun Sari.MBA), Executive Chairman weningpras.id(Gaji1), Excecutive Chairman MNC Grup., Executive Chairman PT. Kompas Cyber Media (Kompas Gramedia Digital Group, Executive Chairman PT. SEO Digital, Excecutive Chairman PT.Loker Cirebon Media Digital, Excecutive Chairman CV.Idwebhost, Excecutive Chairman (beritakapan.co.id) PT. Beon Intermedia, PT. IDNet Corp, Dir. 1 Padma Hotel and Resinda, Dir.Grand Waterboom Tio Wening, Dir1. Arena Fultsal and Arena Bulutangkis,Executive Chairman Agy Motor,
Phone number: +(62) 8333 1111 5555 97
Website: www.arenapedia.biz.id
E-mail: prazs99@gmail.com
Paypal: @prasetiobudiguno


Know more about my past


  • Nov 2022 - Now

    Beritakapan.com, Arenatekno.web.id @ Full Time

    Arenapedia.biz.id @ ( work happily and do the best)

  • Apr 2022 - Nov 2022

    Beritakapan.com, Arenatekno.web.id @ Freelance

    @ (Junior SEO Specialist) work happily and do the best

  • 10 - Mei 2020

    Agy Motor @ Service Mecanik

    Responsibility Service and oiler motor cycle


  • 2017

    LTE Cruise @Intensive Training Program F and B Service Department

    Prog 25 Mei-June 23 2017

  • 2015-2016

    BSA Hospitality Academy @ Passed

    BSA Hospitality Academy (Cruise Ship and Hospitality Academy)

  • 2012-2015

    Senior High School SMKN 1 Losarang @ Graduated

    Technical Computer and Networking Enginering

Tha'ts All, Until Cms Wordpress Skills & Things about me

Google Ads and Social Media Ads
Technical Computer and Engineering
Hospitality Academy
Website and Blog Builder
SEO Specialist and Content Placement
CMS Blogger and wordpress


That's all my latest projects

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04 Desember 2022

Berjuang Dengan Kekuatan Doa, Tetap Fokus dan Semangat!

Images: Local Guides  By Google Maps

03 Desember 2022

Apapun Kegiatannya, Semangat!

13 November 2022

Orang Diam Bukan Berarti Kecewa Karena Keadaan


Juara Harapan Lomba Blog Menulis Untuk Kusta


02 November 2022

Secangkir Semangat Untuk Tetap ON


Kolaborasi Perubahan Iklim


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Build a website and Blog unic with cms Blogger/Wordpress. I'm provide Template/Theme Premium for instalation.

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Star from Adv IDR 275.000 article. Responsible keyword relevan potencial and sites show on Google News

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Our ready to accept content placement in other website and backlink service. Make a unik, content passed plagiarisme.

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Just Prasetio, provide image premium stock for your campaign or content and optimation show on sites

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Blok Sawahbera No.68 RT/RW 04/02 Sekarmulya Village Gabuswetan Distric Indramayu 45263 - WestJava - Indonesia

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+(12) 83111 5555 97